Neolea Hellenic Dancers is sponsored and supported by memberships and donors.

Our group is a live element of our tradition with its efforts to treasure the traditional dances in their genuine form.

Neolea Hellenic Dancers is a non - for – profit organization.

All donations are Tax Deductible.

* Membership: $200 (One-time), 

   Includes $50 Costume Deposit, Track Jacket, T-Shirt.

* Costume Deposit: is refundable when member leaves group.

* Ages of Acceptance: Neolea Hellenic Dancers 13 Years old and older.  Neolea Junior Dancers 9 Years old to 13 Years old

Additional forms for new applicants can be found on the “Registration Forms” page.

Practices and performances schedule is posted on the Neolea Calendar which can be found at the “Upcoming Events” page.

For further information for registration, bookings, etc. please contact us at:


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